Holiday Gift Tags – Free Download

Holiday Gift Tags - Free Download
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Holiday Gift Tags – Free Download

Yep, I’m all in Christmas atmosphere, giving giving giving… 🙂

While my little Poofitza sleeps behind the computer screen only her tail, lurking from behind, gives away her presence and I’m thinking about this years Christmas presents for my family.

It was always like this, our (wider) family gets together each year for Christmas. A Christmas tree, 15-20 family members, specially arranged dinner table, many good looking and even better tasting sweets and of course: many many presents under the Christmas tree.

Well, for last few years I thought a little about all these presents… and I realized that I should probably abandon old traditional approach and do something completely different this year. So, I decided: this year I will donate all of our Christmas presents budget to the SOS Children’s Village! And children will make 20 drawings for my family members with Christmas greetings! So, in Christmas spirit we will donate to the ones in need, our family members will get Christmas drawings and everyone will be happy. I’ll post some of the drawings, as soon as I get them in Thursday.


And, here is a little something for YOU! Yes you, the one who reads this :))!

8 Christmas Gift Tags

In Christmas spirit, what better DIY idea can you have? These tags are specially made for Christmas gifts, what can I say, “Original by bsilvia” 🙂 just add names and – voila! Of course, the more you play with them – the better, you can add more brushes, for instance. Or, you don’t have to, you can print them out as they are and just add names on the printout.

OK Enough talking, here they are

All tags are 2.7in wide and 4.7in high; PNG files; PRINT READY 300 ppi

Holiday Gift Tags Free Download

And, in case you’d like to know what I used to create these tags, here is the list (recipe :)):

Print them, cut them out, use them on your presents and most of all  – have fun!

Love you all,

P.S.: It’s the season again, so don’t forget to grab the Free Download: Christmas Card Template and enjoy crafting!

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3 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Tags – Free Download

  1. I am so happy to hear about you donating to a good cause. I first year of the war in Iraq my DH and I decided that grown adults do not need a physical gift as bad as the men serving our country need our donations. We sent out a Christmas card to all adult members in the family with a letter explaining that all $ that we usually spend on gifts were going to the ‘Wounded Warriers’. After that first year there were several members in the family that decided to do the same. We were very happy. It has become a tradition now that each year our family gets a card and the ‘Wounded Warriers’ get our funds. Something that makes us feel much better than sending gifts that who knows if anyone really appreciates. We also give many $ to ‘Toys for Tots’ and various other needy foundations. I couldn’t feel better about myself for it and on Christmas morning we read our cards, kiss and enjoy the day.

  2. Silvia,

    I continue to be impressed with your unselfish giving and kind nature. Thank you for the tags. They’re AWESOME! May God richly bless you in 2009 for your kindness.


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