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Rubber Stamps for Scrapbooking

I noticed, ever since I started my Photoshop brushes business that many of my buyers are using Photoshop brushes to create their own custom stamps. And this is, mainly, for two different purposes (which sometimes overlap). 1. They use these stamps in their own DIY projects like scrapbooking or similar 2. And more often then […]

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Free Photoshop Brushes and A Christmas Project in July

For those of you who are impatient and want to skip to 5 free Photoshop brushes sets for immediate download they’re on the bottom of this post. Just scroll over there. Now, for the rest of you who want to find out a little bit more on what’s going on, read on. Remeber Linda? 5 […]

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Photoshop brushes and Rubber Stamps

Whenever, someone buys 800+ Photoshop brushes MEGA SET* I offer additional free SPECIAL brush as a sign of gratitude to those who let me know how did they find me. And I am thankful to all of you who replied. But, more often than not, many buyers also tell me why did they buy that […]

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Wedding Digital Scrapbook by Kira

Gang, I didn’t plan to make another post until my next Photoshop brushes set is finished. But, after I received an email from Kira I just could not wait to share this with you (after getting her consent of course). Kira made her web site home page using the following from my little shop: She […]

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New Quick Page Sample from GBG member

Hi Gang! Ii this post we will present one quick page sample from Carolyn. She used 5 different Photoshop Brushes sets: 1. Borders stencils set 2. Negative Films and slides 3. Photo Masks 4. Fantasy Birds and 5. Floral Branches Floral Branches Photoshop Brushes: Previously exclusive to our newsletter subscribers, this set is now yours […]

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Thursday: Free Texture Day Again; Dirt and Sand

Yet another Texture Day. This is the day when I make some FREE textures and offer them for FREE on my blog. So, Today, I bring you 5 textures in JPG data HighRes 300 dpi. I call them “Sand and Dirt”. You can download all textures in one ZIP file HERE (more than 60MB) or […]

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Using Photoshop Brushes as Photomasks

Except from making Photoshop brushes, backgrounds and other resources for designers I’m all in photography. Still, I am not as good as I want to be. No. But I’m always trying to make better and better images, but sometimes I just don’t have enough time or patience. And I love to take pictures of people […]

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Damask Patterns by Gordeee

Again, Gordeee from from “near Canterbury Kent the garden of England” shared with us with more great designs. Thank you Gordeee! You always give us more examples that demonstrate the power of Photoshop brushes. This time, Gordee prepared Damask patterns using Floral Ornaments Art Nouveau Photoshop brushes set. And the final product, bookmarks cards from […]

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Thank you and Merci

I was going through my emails the other day tryin’ to catch up and see if there are any unanswered ones. I really try hard to answer all of your emails and all of them are really great. Some of them really pop-out and make my day such as the one from Gordeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. It contained […]

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