Damask Patterns by Gordeee

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Damask Patterns by Gordeee

Again, Gordeee from from “near Canterbury Kent the garden of England” shared with us with more great designs. Thank you Gordeee! You always give us more examples that demonstrate the power of Photoshop brushes.

This time, Gordee prepared Damask patterns using Floral Ornaments Art Nouveau Photoshop brushes set.

Damask Patterns by Gordeee
Damask Patterns by Gordeee

And the final product, bookmarks cards from Gordeee. Damask patterns are used in combination with Retro Swirls Photoshop Brushes Set:

Damask Patterns by Gordeee, Bookmarks cards

Thank you Goreee, again, for sharing your great talent with us.

Keep them coming! Au revoir!


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