New Photoshop Brushes Floral Ornaments -Art Nouveau and Amazed Little Kitten

FREE Download Floral Ornaments Art Nouveau Photoshop brushes
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New Photoshop Brushes Floral Ornaments -Art Nouveau and Amazed Little Kitten

Gang! Before I present you with my new Photoshop brushes, I just have to share this with you:
Here I am, getting ready to finish my work but just can’t keep my eyes of Poofitzah. The level if interest she shows in most trivial things is amazing. I mean, how much fun can one have with a plastic bottle cap? Or a piece of crumpled tinfoil?


Believe me, this little creature is totally amazed by it! She probably believes that plastic bottle caps are the biggest human invention since, like, ever!

The level of excitement she displays after kicking it, the passion involved in chasing it, eyes wide open after the jump and a quick catch! Sometimes I wish I could share her amazement, astonishment and interest in just about anything one can lay their eyes or hands or paws on.

I just love that innocent little creature.

However, in between keeping my eyes on Poofitzah, I managed to prepare a brand new Photoshop brushes set. This time, the theme is – Floral Ornaments so I called it Floral Ornaments – Art Nouveau. It took me a while to finish it, but, as always, that’s why they are of the highest quality…  by the way, here is a short excerpt from one of the emails I receive about my brushes. Thank you guys!

“…Unfortunately, I’ve been burned before when buying brushes–I bought a huge set of brushes that were supposed to be “high-quality, high-resolution” brushes only to find that they were so small they were wothless as a design tool. Not only that, but there were so many stray pixels they couldn’t even be used in small projects without being cleaned up first, which is a tedious process in intricate brushes.

I’ve downloaded your brush set and checked them out in Photoshop. Even at the maximum size of 2500 pixels they are gorgeous–no stray pixels, no jagged edges! I will be back for more…”

These messages mean a lot to me. They represent a proof that I am doing the right thing taking it easy and working slowly in order to keep the standards high. I make all of them in high resolution so you can freely re size them without any fear that they’ll get distorted. I make sure that the brushes I make are helpful. They’re here to help you out with your Photoshop projects, so you can finish them faster while keeping the quality standards of your work – high.

Floral Ornaments Art Nouveau Photoshop brushes


And here is the download link to this Ultimate Set PRO with 30+30 brushes included in two sizes. This Ultimate Set is a big Photoshop brushes Floral Ornaments Art Nouveau package that will make your life much easier by helping you out with your commercial or non commercial Photoshop projects.

Have fun creating!

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22 thoughts on “New Photoshop Brushes Floral Ornaments -Art Nouveau and Amazed Little Kitten

  1. BEAUTIFUL and FLAWLESS work as ALWAYS dear Silvia!!!

    I have SO enjoyed your story of Poofitzah! She is GORGEOUS and having two indoor cats myself, I am constantly AMAZED at the state of BLISS my two live in over ANYTHING that captures their attention long enough to become a “plaything”!!!

    My male, Zeke, spent two days in a row ducking in and out of a small box that housed aluminum cans. He had me in stitches and I could not believe where that box ended up the next day!!! I had not the heart to dispose of it right away as he was TRULY having FAR too good of a time with it!!!

    Thank you SO much for sharing samples with ALL of us in SCRAPLAND and BEYOND!!! I appreciate them MORE than you will know!

    Have a GLORIOUS weekend darlin’!!!

    Linda 🙂

  2. Thank you Linda for your kind words! Truly, they are amazing little animals. I guess we could learn a lot from them 🙂

  3. hi silvia, just wanted to come out of lurkland and say THANK YOU so much for all that you do and share with us! i’ve been looking around here for a blinkie or a badge that i can put on my blog so that i change the link to you that i have on my blog from text to something visual… do you have one? if you don’t, it’s totally okay too. 😀 have a great day!

  4. Your brushes are the best I’ve seen. I was wondering… can these be used in PaintShop Pro Photo somehow? I can’t my Photoshop CS working right now. PSP uses brushes, but not this extension. Any thoughts???

  5. Hi
    I have downloaded one of the free downloads on this page for illustrator – the peace one – and it comes up in illustrator. However, I am reasonable new to illustator and all files seem to be just .ai whether a brush or symbol so I don’t know where to put these freebies as in adobe/illustrator cs3/ presets / ….???? so that they join the drop down lists of whatever..or are they just vectors that i independantly save outside of illustrator…hope this is clear.
    I am about to purchase some of your kits but thought I would test out the freebies first…
    many thanks for a fabulous, one stop shop

  6. Hi Patricia!
    Please find the instructions on how to install Illustrator brushes on this link:

    Also, yes, Illustrator brushes (and symbols) are in .ai format.

    Hope this helps, please let me know if you need any other assistance.

  7. Hi Silvia, Thanks a million for the instructions on using the brushes in PSP!!! I went to download the “viewer” as you suggested. It is an
    “rar” file. My computer doesn’t know what to do with it, so I can’t open it. I’m anxious to try it 🙂 Thought on what to do now???
    You’re the best.

  8. Oh yes! that did it!!! I got it working, although Vista doesn’t seem to like it – it closed down twice already when I was just starting to look at all the awesome brushes you’ve provided! Hopefully I can get it to stay open long enough to save and move .png files… I’ll keep trying. Thanks again.

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