New Photoshop Brushes – Cats

New Photoshop Brushes - Cats
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New Photoshop Brushes – Cats


We have a new family member! (who inspired me to finally finish the Cats Photoshop brushes that I started to work on last June) Gorgeous little kitten, barely two months old, called Poomfoolyitzah! I know, it is almost impossible to pronounce so we gave her a nickname Poofitzah! I know, this is probably not much easier. Maybe we should have called her Curly. That would be easy, but what can I say…

Anyways, here she is. In her full glory! (more images posted at


She is totally thrilled with almost everything she could lay her paws on! But, those of you who have kittens will know what I’m talking about. We totally love her and as long as we give her food and warm home she will love, OK, at least – bare with us … 🙂

Anyways, as I announced here is the appropriate Photoshop brush set: Cats (15+15)! It’s free for all of you cat lovers, scrap bookers, etc, etc…

Photoshop brush set: Cats (15+15)

Enjoy it!

These are, as always, HiRes, compatible from Photoshop 7.0 onwards. (I know, I will have to lay my hands on Photoshop CS4 but I’m pretty sure CS4 is downwards compatible so that shoul not be a problem for those of you eary birds who already have a copy.)

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16 thoughts on “New Photoshop Brushes – Cats

  1. Hi, I’d like to know if it’s possible to print such cats in t-shirts.

    I mean will they be considered as free to commercial use?

  2. Congratulations on your new fur person – she’s a cutie. Looking at life through a kitten’s eyes is so uplifting. Everthing has the potential for entertainment! It is always so gratifying to hear that yet another cat has found a loving home.
    Thank you so much for the brushes. As soon as I get time I’m going to use them to design some cards as fund-raisers for the local animal rescue organization. So because Poofitzah inspired you, she has already done her part to help homeless cats. Good Kitty!

  3. Thank you so much Silvia! You are always so very generous! The cat brush set is just delightful!

  4. I just had to stop in and tell you how sweet Poofitzah is. I’ve seen her pictures several times tonight! She’s quite the star! The brushes are so cute! Thank you for all you do.


  5. Adorable pics of the kitty 🙂

    Strange, but I am on the Gang and for some reason haven’t been getting updates. Just signed up again, hopefully I am back on the list. Haven’t got anything since before halloween.

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