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Mother’s Day Greeting Cards by Cherie

It happened again! The other day I received a beautiful email! It was  from Cherie. She wanted to share with me some of the designs she made with a little help from my Photoshop brushes. And I always love to receive emails like that! So, naturally I checked it and… wow! These were good! Did […]

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Decorate Your Photos with Elegant Swirled Frames

Gang, In case you were wondering, this little kitten on the image above is Bino and he is one of six little kittens for whom I have to find hew home before Christmas. Keep your fingers crossed! :)) I’m doing well! So far four of them already found their human friends! And now, back to […]

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Wedding Digital Scrapbook by Kira

Gang, I didn’t plan to make another post until my next Photoshop brushes set is finished. But, after I received an email from Kira I just could not wait to share this with you (after getting her consent of course). Kira made her web site home page using the following from my little shop: She […]

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10 ways to use Photoshop brushes and make money or great gifts

So, gang, you didn’t really think that Photoshop brushes are only usable in graphic design. Oh, no! Far from it. Of course it all starts there, in Photoshop but it can end up on just about anything. It is all a matter of your imagination. So, here are another 10 ways in which to use […]

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Using Photoshop Brushes in Photography

Gang! This time I thought I’d show you some of the examples of usage of Photoshop brushes in photography. And what better example I can give other then the ones I made myself (but of course :)) So, here is some stuff I created with a little help from Photoshop brushes and you will notice […]

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A brand new Swirls Floral Photoshop 7.0 Brushes Set (and more!)

I prepared another brand new, fresh Swirls Floral Photoshop Brushes set plus 42 transparent PNG – free download Preview: There 42 Swirls Photoshop brushes in a set and 42 transparent PNG files! Bye for now, I’m onto new brushes for tomorrow guys. See you later! P.S. And write. I will answer, let’s talk! While you’re […]

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