So, gang, you didn’t really think that Photoshop brushes are only usable in graphic design. Oh, no! Far from it. Of course it all starts there, in Photoshop but it can end up on just about anything. It is all a matter of your imagination.

So, here are another 10 ways in which to use Photoshop brushes and this time we are talking about swirls:

1. Cloth
Print your own cloth design with – and then sew a bag or get sewed by someone who’s good at it. This can be a remarkable gift for your friend. Visit this link

2. Wrapping paper

swirled wrapping paper

3. Shoes
Decorate your shoes and/or sell it on zazzle!

Photoshop brushes applied on shoes

4. Business cards
Design a business card at

Business card

5. Wedding invitations
Design wedding invitations for your friends and family

Wedding invitation, using Photoshop brushes

6. Wall print
Design wall print with Swirls PS brushes and sell it at

swirled wall print, using photoshop brushes

7. Skateboard
Design your own unique Skateboard and/or sell it on Zazzle!

swirled skateboard, using Photoshop brushes

8. Tote bag
Create a tote bag (and you can sell it too! For instance on

Tote Bag

9. Wallpapers
Design and print with “” your wallpapers

swirled wallpaper, using Photoshop brushes

10. T-shirt
It is kinda old idea but still, we all wear them, don’t we? So, design your own T-shirt. Sell it or wear it 🙂 at

11. And one last, bonus idea: Design your own tablet case. Now how about that???
Love you all, have fun and stay creative!

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