Vectors, 21 of them: Photo Edges (swirls and floral)

Photo Edges Vector Set
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Vectors, 21 of them: Photo Edges (swirls and floral)


Today, I proudly announce, Photo Edges Vector Set!

Since I’m all in a photography these days, this set is here to help you out with your Photo decorations. Scrap books, graphic designs and all other graphical endeavors.

This set is very close to the Swirled Floral Edges Photoshop Brushes set, but contains some brand new and different elements too (see the preview down below).

Of course, Poofitza recommends this set and as you can see on the image below, she was included in the creative process :). Her ideas and suggestions were taken into consideration and after short discussion they were all – accepted. (Poofitza and myself, we do a lot of brainstorming lately.)

So, Photo Edges Vector Set set now contains 21 high quality vector illustrations, thanks to this cooperation 🙂

Poofitza critics

And here’s the cherry on top: These Starry wonders are now part of our Premium Content. What does that mean for you?

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So, what are you waiting for? Bring a touch of magic to your designs with our Photo Edges Vector Set! It’s time to elevate your projects with crisp, captivating edges that truly stand out. Let your creativity sparkle and your designs shine, transforming each project into a stunning masterpiece. Perfect for photographers, graphic artists, and anyone eager to add that extra flair to their creations. Get ready to dazzle and inspire with every piece you craft!

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16 thoughts on “Vectors, 21 of them: Photo Edges (swirls and floral)

  1. Oh Silvia!!! Your NEW vectors are LOVELY as is ALL of your work!!! Poofitza is, indeed, a FABULOUS sales “purr”-son and a FABULOUS asset to both your business and personal life!!!

    Thank you SO much for your CONTINUED generosity in sharing your TIME and your TALENT with ALL of us! I SO wish to be able to purchase ALL of your creations! Perhaps a Christmas present to self, eh? LOL! Shhhhh ….

    Have a GORGEOUS day!

    Linda 🙂

  2. These new vectors are fabulous! Thanks so much for the sample. I love the photo of Poofitza – too cute!

  3. Carolina, did you confirm your subscription? You must confirm your free subscription.
    Did you checked your junk e-mail folder? E-mail for the freebies will be sent to you by email and may end up in junk folder.

  4. Just wanted to say I was sooo glad to find your site and newsletter. 🙂 I am in the process of building up the graphic design part of my biz and I was thankful to find someone posting brushes for commercial use. I love your work and look forward to using some of your brushes on my projects. Thanks so much and keep up the good work! 🙂

  5. I have Illustrator CS3 do they brushes not work for that version? I can’t seem to get them to appear in my brushes palette. =(

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