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Paper Candle Shades and Photoshop Brushes

Don’t know about you but I like to recycle. I strongly believe that we could recycle at least 80% of the stuff instead of throwing them away every day. So, here’s a little preview what I’ve done with, for instance, old glass jars, mostly from my favorite products by Saclร  Italia ๐Ÿ™‚ The image below […]

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Playful Flowers Photoshop Brushes Set

Gang, Here is a little something for Gold and Platinum GBG Members – an exclusive monthly Photoshop brushes set Playful Flowers It’s a brand new Photoshop brushes set, it consists of flowers that resemble the ones I have in my garden and the ones I have in my head ๐Ÿ™‚ I drew them by hand, […]

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Free Upgrade to Swirls Floral brushes set (42)

I don’t know about you, but I just love the element of surprise. Especially when it comes to gifts. And since I strongly believe in “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” philosophy – every now and then I prepare a small surprise gifts for all of you who purchased at […]

Free Downloads Photoshop Brushes

“The Pursuit of Happiness” Wallpaper

Wouldn’t it be cool if we had some kind of magic desktop wallpaper that will trigger the emotion of happiness every time we look at it? Hmmmm …. that’s a thought. So, while you download this prototype, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on happiness with you and I hope you’ll find them […]

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Free Digital Scrapbooking Kit: Island Paradise by Vivayne

Gang, I got so excited when I received that email from Vivayne! And If you check on her web you will know why. Vivayne is one extraordinary scrapbook artist and she always amazes me with her new creations. So, when she told me she made a brand new scrapbooking kit with my “Finest Floral Photoshop […]

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New Quick Page Sample from GBG member

Hi Gang! Ii this post we will present one quick page sample from Carolyn. She used 5 different Photoshop Brushes sets: 1. Borders stencils set (Free LITE edition), 2. Negative Films and slides (Free LITE edition), 3. Photo Masks (Free LITE edition) – free download available after the GBG subscription. Rest of the brushes were […]

Free Downloads Photoshop Brushes

Swirls Photoshop Brushes Set

Today I want to present you: Swirls Photoshop Brushes Set Swirls Photoshop Brushes package features: Swirls Photoshop Brushes 1 Preview: โ€“ 42 Photoshop brushes up to 1000px,โ€“ 42 Photoshop brushes up to 2000px,โ€“ 42 transparent PNG files,โ€“ all PNGs and Photoshop brushes are in 300dpi, Swirls Photoshop Brushesย 2 Preview: โ€“ย 36 brushes, Compatible with Mac (any OS) and PC […]

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Finally! Finest Floral Swirls Brushes I’ve Ever Seen

I know. It sounds a bit like bragging but, believe me, once you see them, you’ll most probably think the same. And here is why. These are the brushes I announced week ago. It took almost a month to complete them! And here is a short description of the work involved to get them done: […]

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Google cheque redesign (by bsilvia)

I got this idea – to make a redesign of Google’s check using my Photoshop brushes. I thought it would be cool to receive my next Google check in this new design, four actually, one for each season. First one is called “winter edition”: No, I do not earn any significant money from Google! It’s […]

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