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New Photoshop Brushes Set: Elegant Floral Edges

Gang, As always, GBG Gold and Platinum members are, again, getting new PREMIUM Photoshop brushes for free. This time I prepared Elegant Floral Edges (5+5+5) Photoshop brushes set – 5 brushes – three sizes and 5 transparent PNG files New FREE Photoshop brushes set for Gold and Platinum GBG members! I really enjoyed working on […]

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Mother’s Day Greeting Cards by Cherie

It happened again! The other day I received a beautiful email! It was  from Cherie. She wanted to share with me some of the designs she made with a little help from my Photoshop brushes. And I always love to receive emails like that! So, naturally I checked it and… wow! These were good! Did […]


Merry Christmas Everyone! And thank you for sticking with me for so long!

Gang, I just can not find the words to tell you how much I appreciate your feedback. I am receiving so many “Thank you” emails from you guys, I’m overwhelmed with emotions! This is one more proof how giving is receiving! That’s something my parents tried to teach me when I was still a kid but […]

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Mark the Month on Your Photo

Here is a little something for scrap-bookers, but also web designers graphic designers and DTP designers. Dressing up images into a nice, new, shiny, perfect-fit clothes enhances the image and delivers more information to the audience. For that purpose, today, I prepared a special Photoshop brushes set – Month by Month. Month by month Photo […]

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Make Your Own 2011 Calendar – Fast and Easy Way

I remember, a very long time ago (it was still 20th century :)) I collected photos of my family members:  grandfather, grandmother, mother, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins …  and got them scanned in a printing studio (no digital cameras at that time of course and to buy flatbed scanner you had to be seriously rich).  […]

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Month by Month Photo Masks, Photoshop brushes

Scrapbookers and designers – this is for you! Month by Month Photo Masks, Photoshop brushes I know many of you just love to use Photoshop brushes as photo masks. So, I’ve spent some time, last few days actually, to create a brand new photo masks. And… voila! If you are interested to see them you […]

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Photo Masks – Grunge Squares New Photoshop brushes set

Ladies and gentleman, It is my great pleasure, on this beautiful day, to present you with a brand new, steamy and hot Photoshop brushes set: Photo Masks – Grunge Squares Photoshop Brushes The set includes 25 brushes in three different sizes (from huge ones for printing purposes to small ones for web purposes), so you […]

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Summer Fun Photo Scrapbook: “Oh, such a perfect day.”

Not all people enjoy Summer at crowded beaches, some people enjoy spending Summer in mountains. Irska is one of them. (Don’t know Irska? Get to know her -> 🙂 I just got this great quick scrapbook page from her. And I had to share it with you. Really, Irska, you’re getting better and better all […]

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Swirled Squares Design Elements (introduced by Meoki)

Hi, this is not Silvia speaking. I’m Meoki. Black&White, up-side-down cat holding “Special Offers” board, look here, a little bit up on the right side -> Silvia decided that she needs some rest (and believe me – she does) and asked me if I could do the post and introduce brand new Photoshop brushes she […]

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