Hi, this is not Silvia speaking.

I’m Meoki.

I'm Meoki

Black&White, up-side-down cat holding “Special Offers” board, look here, a little bit up on the right side ->

Silvia decided that she needs some rest (and believe me – she does) and asked me if I could do the post and introduce brand new Photoshop brushes she created for her GBG Platinum Members.

Sure“, I said. As if I had anything else to do except holding that “Special Offers” board all day long (I go away at night but sssshhh! Don’t tel her.)

Why did you put me up-side-down, by the way?” I asked her.  “It’s a good thing that I am just a cartoon, otherwise all my blood would end up in my head. Not good …

Because” she said, “I red somewhere, that people will notice you more easily that way.


I'm Meoki

Anyways, she be gone (sends “hugs and kisses everyone”), I’m here, so bear with me (you could beer with me as well. If you click on the “Special Offers” board and get yourself some nice discounted brushes, vectors, etc … :))

Anyways, it’s Tuesday, and Silvia wanted to dedicate every Tuesday to her GBG Platinum members, by giving them a little …. well … gift! So, this Tuesday, she prepared

Swirled Squares Design Elements (Photoshop brushes, or Digital stamps as some call it)

Swirled Squares consists of 12 brushes in two sizes  (as usual to prevent overstretching and keep the quality top-notch) and two design styles: clean and grungy.

| Preview Swirled Squares Photoshop brushes set |

These brushes are available only to GBG Platinum Members (free download).

More info about GBG subscription packages –>>

Swirled Squares Design Elements

OK. That was easy. If you want you can become GBG Platinum member. It is a pretty good deal. GBG Platinum members get

24 PREMIUM Photoshop brushes sets ($9.99 each, $239,76 value)


all Gold GBG Members downloads


LIFETIME subscription to all new GBG Members downloads (like this one)

+ Loads of other stuff, don’t know them all by heart but you can find out more about GBG Membreships here ->


Thank you for your attention. Meoki over and out!