Photoshop brushes and memories, burning, gold memories…

Circled Memories Photo Frames
Photoshop Brushes Premium Content1 Comment on Photoshop brushes and memories, burning, gold memories…

Photoshop brushes and memories, burning, gold memories…

Memories, burning, gold memories…

This is from one old Simple Minds song, back in the 80’s. Not many people remember that.

Well… anyways.

By the way, I don’t know about you my blogs gets tons of spam messages daily (spammy comments), and mostly are pharmacy related! And what is most interesting – I receive about 50-80 comments for prescription and non-prescription drugs! Can you imagine? Pffff…!!!

And what’s really bothers me is that I don’t have the time to check them all out one by one (through my spam comment folder), so the only option is to delete them all together. Now, when I think back, I figure it’s even possible that there were some nice friendly comments in my spam folder, but since I got rid of all comments in my spam folder, I guess I’ll never now! Hopefully, there was just spam there.

Ok, back to memories.

This is really cool for scrapbooking. I mean it’s cool for all kinds of graphic design projects as well, but scrap booking is kinda all about memories.

So, this time I prepared a brand new frames and I gave them the weirdest  name ever 🙂

Circled Memories Photo Frames

These are in form of Photoshop brushes (digital stamps) and transparent PNG files.

All packed in one nice zip file which is available in Premium Content area and it includes commercial license!

* 25 circled photo frames

* three sizes for  5×5 – 3,5×3,5 – 2,5×2,5 inches photos

* 25 transparent PNG files (for 3,5×3,5 inches photos) in this pack too


Circled Memories Photo Frames

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