Make Your Own 2011 Calendar – Fast and Easy Way

2011 Calendar Photoshop brushes set
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Make Your Own 2011 Calendar – Fast and Easy Way

I remember, a very long time ago (it was still 20th century :)) I collected photos of my family members:  grandfather, grandmother, mother, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins …  and got them scanned in a printing studio (no digital cameras at that time of course and to buy flatbed scanner you had to be seriously rich).  I wanted to create a calendar as a Christmas gift to all members of my family.

So, in CorelDRAW! I made 12 pages calendar, one page each month. And I still remember, today, how tough it was to create months and how many times I had to check and re-check the weekdays and numbers and holidays and birthdays (each family member had their birthday especially marked on that calendar).

It takes time to verify and make sure that all 365 dates are under the correct weekday. It took me a week, at that time, to finish the calendar.

But it was the best Christmas gift I could have given to them. Everyone just loved it! Some kept that calendar for years after that Christmas and everyone still remembers how, back then in ninety something, they got this custom calendar with  images and birthdays of our family members.

Today, I am a pro. I made so many calendars since then that I lost the count. Anyway, that one is still remembered and it shows how custom made gifts will always have a special place in our memories.

Even if you are just starting with Photoshop and you don’t know, if just don’t have the time to make a calendar in Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW! you can use your own photos, add your personal touch and make beautiful calendars with a little help of the brand new, (bsilvia brand of quality! 🙂 ):

2011 Calendar Photoshop brushes set

This pack contains:

12 brushes in three designs and two sizes:

* up to 2450 pixels @300dpi
* up to 1250 pixels @300dpi

36 transparent PNG files (approx. size 10 inches @300 dpi)

Compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, PaintShopPro, GIMP, Paint.NET and more…

Commercial use OK!


2011 Calendar Digital Stamps (Photoshop brushes)

This set is also made for:

  • graphic designers (for various designs that include calendar design elements)
  • digital scrap bookers (obviously, birthdays, weddings, events, anniversaries …)
  • PRO photographers (photo calendars for commercial purposes)
  • AMATEUR photographers (photo calendars)
  • it can be applied in all kinds of design projects, such as packaging design, t-shirt design, apparels, mugs … you name it
  • you can use it for your commercial projects

Note: Calendar starts on Sunday (the US standard).

Calendar 2011 Photoshop brushes usage samples:

(of course, it’s not just that you can put your family photos here, the usage potentials are virtually endless) 🙂

Images above are just some of my photos suitable for Autumn, Summer and Spring.

So, I hope you see the potential, you probably got some brand new ideas on how to apply Photoshop brushes to your work.

Whatever you do, have fun creating and put love to everything you do.



P.S.: While you are here, do not forget to check out the free Photo Masks – Grunge Squares New Photoshop brushes set and download free September Desktop Wallpaper Calendar 🙂

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