I just can not find the words to tell you how much I appreciate your feedback on our latest GBG eZine.

I am receiving so many “Thank you” emails from you guys, I’m overwhelmed with emotions!

This is one more proof how giving is receiving! That’s something my parents tried to teach me  when I was still a kid but I was to young to understand.

Now I understand.

By giving you these presents in my latest eZine, I received so many positive emotions and such a nice feedback from you guys … it is something one can not measure in dollars or anything material.

So, I owe you A BIG THANK YOU!

And what else can I say?

Thank you for sticking with me and GBG for so long. I wish I could answer to each and every one of you personally but it’s just impossible! So, I wanted to thank you this way and


Merry Christmas Everyone! And thank you for sticking with me for so long!

May all your dreams and wishes come true and I hope we will stick together in GBG for many years to come.

I love you all, and even if it is hard to survive in these tough days of recession, your kind and warm words just make everything else irrelevant. And I love you for that.

Silvia and GBG