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What It All Comes Down To…

“…. is that everything’s gonna be quite all right.” Do you like Alanis Morisette? I’m a fan. Her lyrics are awesome and the music, the music is just right. I wish we had more music artists making texts like that. And her style, 60’s and all (the long hair and simplicity), just reminded me on […]

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Thank you and Merci

I was going through my emails the other day tryin’ to catch up and see if there are any unanswered ones. I really try hard to answer all of your emails and all of them are really great. Some of them really pop-out and make my day such as the one from Gordeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. It contained […]

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Postcards, are they history?

Holiday greetings season is behind us. Many of you probably still remember the times when our mailboxes (I mean the real, metal or wooden ones) used to be filled in with postcards. In my opinion, no eCard can match a good old fashioned postcard. It’s just that good old piece of paper and handwriting that […]

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Featured Artist: Tina Chambers from Digital Scrapbook Place

I don’t know about you, but I can’t handle hot weather well! I mean, I love summer, light dresses and stuff, but I live on the top floor!!! Living under the air-conditioner is not very healthy, so I don’t turn it on very often. Next weekend, we just might escape from the city and head […]


Illustration function and history

A few words about history of illustration. Illustrations can be used to display a wide range of subject matter and serve a variety of functions like: Early history The earliest forms of illustration were prehistoric cave paintings. Before the invention of the printing press, illuminated manuscripts were hand-illustrated. 15th century through 18th century During the […]

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