The Beginning

Well, after a while, again, I was in hunt for art which would be willing to talk to me. I am not an easy person to talk to, I admit. So, finding appropriate and chatty art, well, it takes a while.

And, believe my, after my last two chats with a “rabbit from the wonderland” and The Bright Future by Kasia Derwinska, finding a match, well, it was not easy at all. Eventually, this morning, it happened I managed to find a piece of art which is willing to speak to me.

Ladies and gentleman: The Beginning

The Beginning - Michael Vincent Manalo, Photo Art manipulation, Saaatchi Art
The Beginning – Michael Vincent Manalo

But, that’s not how I would call it. I would call it “Yet Another Beginning

For the rest, it’s fine.

Doesn’t it speak to you as well? Can’t we just be in peace and go our own way instead of being puzzled and intrigued by the possibility of climb, going up, expecting rewards and pleasure and happiness if we just climb high enough?

And what happens when we reach the top of the ladder? We stay on our own. Inevitably disappointed. To make the things worse, the only way is down again, to the same spot where we started our little journey “to the top”.

Then we go down and continue our journey, to the next opportunity to “go up”.

It’s the human nature, I guess.

So, why did the artist call this work “The Beginning”? There could be countless answers to that question and, in my opinion, whatever answer you give to this question – you will be right.

My guess is (although we will never know if I was right or not), if that work was unnamed, I’d call it “The Beginning”. For multiple reasons. First of all because this is how I feel (often) and I believe I am not alone. Many of us feels that way, just as we were always on some kind of beginning (in a sense that after all the effort I put in all these years I feel we did not get far. At least for me, I feel like am still where I was when I started this journey we call “life”, just older), standing in front of every second ladder that finds my way. Hoping that each of them will lead me to where I want to be.

The only problem is, we are, in most cases, not too sure about where we want to be. And even if we are sure, it only lasts for so long, because tomorrow, we may want to be somewhere else.

And that’s how it happens. From one ladder to another. From one promise to another. Going up, seeing nothing, going down again.

OK. I don’t want to be too pessimistic now. Because, as Forrest Gump used to say: “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” The same way, the top of the ladder is up above the clouds, so the only way to find out where they lead is to get up there and see for yourself.

Love you all folks! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Monday (quite unique, eh?) and I wish you all love, peace and happiness.