A Wonderful Chain Of Events - A Short Story Of Giving And Receiving

Something truly awesome happened in the past 48 hours. A chain of events that proved for gazzillionth time that giving equals receiving.

A Wonderful Chain Of Events -  A Short Story Of Giving And Receiving

As most of my old readers know, I owe this small Etsy DiY-stuff related shop where I sell digital downloads (mostly) for visual designers, scrap-bookers, hobbyists and more or less anyone who’s looking a little helpers for their own visual design projects.

Some two days ago Sally (not her real name) bought this product. She downloaded it and realized that for her project she needs in exactly one particular color. She liked the product and asked me if I could make the same thing, but in this exact color (she gave me the color hex code).

So, I figured, what the heck. Let’s do it. I did it (free of charge) and sent her an email with the download link.

Sally was so happy and thankful!

And what do you know, in the next 24 hours I had a shower of new sales! It took me a while to put two and two together, but now I am certain. These two events are connected.

So, I tell ya guys. Give. Help. And do it without any expectations (otherwise it’s not a real thing). Just do what’s right.

Love you all guys!

Make it a great Easter!


P.S.: I used Copper Stars Confetti and Funny Bunny Clip Art Set to make the image 🙂