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Photo Overlays Bundle

Turn your photos into photo artwork.

Hey guys, Silvia here from Graphics-Illustration.Com and in this blog post I am proudly presenting the Ultimate Photo Overlays Bundle!

Big photo overlays bundle with 535 Photo Overlays

Now, I know that many of you do photography. Actually, since the rise of the mobile devices photographic capabilities, everyone (ok, almost everyone) is into photography. C’mon, don’t tell me you didn’t take a single photo in, say, last 10 days. 😉

So, I know what you may think. “This is for professional photographers only, not for amateurs.”

Well, right and wrong. This Photo Overlays Bundle is the tool for professionals and I believe the professionals are using photo overlays in general, but hey! Even if you are an amateur, why not use them? They can take your photo to a whole new level. Even the one you may not be so proud of, these overlays can really add that “little something” to make you photography stand out. All you need to know is basics and I mean really basics of Photoshop. Not even Photoshop, take any photo editing software, (Skylum Luminar for instance) these are PNG‘s and JPG‘s so you can’t go wrong. Create a layer, get the overlay on the layer over the photo and “voila” there you go – Photo Overlay 🙂

Cinematic Dust Photo Overlays
Photo Overlays Bundle – Gold Stars Photo Overlays

So, here is what you get.

Photo Overlays Bundle – What’ inside

  • 8 JPG Glitter Dust Photoshop Overlays
  • 18 JPG Gold Stars Overlays
  • 8 PNG and 8 JPG Bokeh Overlays
  • 50 JPG Cinematic Dust Photo Overlays
  • 26 JPG and 12 PNG Stars Overlays
  • 50 JPG Sunlight and Sunbeams Photo Overlays
  • 16 PNG Gold Confetti Photo Overlays
  • 12 JPG and 12 PNG Falling Stars Photo Overlays
  • 25 PNG Real Snow Photo Overlays
  • 155 PNG and 155 JPG Bokeh Hearts Overlays
  • 55 PNG and 55 JPG Bokeh Photo Overlays
  • 40 JPG Light Leaks and Sunbeams Photo Overlays
  • 60 JPG Bokeh Photo Overlays

All of these overlays are:

  • real High Resolution,
  • coming in 5616×3744 px
  • 300 dpi
  • JPG files on black and
  • transparent PNG files.

And the price for all them is 31.00$

Gold Stars Photo Overlays
Gold Stars Photo Overlays
Falling Stars Photo Overlays
Falling Stars Photo Overlays
Stars Photo Overlays
Stars Photo Overlays (stars bursts)
Glitter Dust Photoshop Overlays
Glitter Dust Photoshop Overlays

So, well, obviously, the pictures speak for themselves. And these are cool. Of course, these are just examples, the possibilities are literally endless and I am sure you will have loads of fun playing with those and applying them to your images.

The beautiful thing about these is the price. They are cheap. I am selling the whole bundle for 31.00$ only. We’re talking 535 HighQuality (well known bsilvia quality) photo overlays in such a big resolution that you can resize them to fit just about any photo format you’ve got.

OK. I think that’s it for this presentation. I hope you like these Photo Overlays as much as do. You can buy them here and I will be back with more cool products soon.

Love, hugs and kisses from Luxembourg!




Yes I will. I was coming up with new creations for your guys since 2007. and I am not intending to stop now for sure.

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