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We are giving away 250 4×6 full color standard postcards (gratis, free, it’s a gift! Includes FREE shipping in US too!)

Gang, According to the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, the definition of giveaway is: “Something given to someone without expectation of a return.“ And this is exactly what are doing right now. Well, OK. it’s not really us, we are partnering with Next Day Flyers, on-line printing company which are: in business for 13 years using recycled materials […]

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How to make a great looking postcard

Gang!In case you did not notice, today is 9th of September 2009, or 09.09.09.Now, how cool is that? Some believe that 9 is the number of eternity. So, many decided to get married today for this symbolic reason. Which brings me to Beatles. How? Well, not just because their fame is eternal, but also because […]

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Postcards, are they history?

Holiday greetings season is behind us. Many of you probably still remember the times when our mailboxes (I mean the real, metal or wooden ones) used to be filled in with postcards. In my opinion, no eCard can match a good old fashioned postcard. It’s just that good old piece of paper and handwriting that […]

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