What It All Comes Down To…

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What It All Comes Down To…

“…. is that everything’s gonna be quite all right.”

Do you like Alanis Morisette? I’m a fan. Her lyrics are awesome and the music, the music is just right. I wish we had more music artists making texts like that. And her style, 60’s and all (the long hair and simplicity), just reminded me on these days (no I was not born yet), these days, sixties, when everyone was talking about love and peace, they kind of inspire me.

That was a huge movement. And I kind of appreciate the idea the movement was standing for. It is universal. It’s spiritual and it’s inspiring. So, by now you guessed, today I want to share with you a “Tribute to 60’s” graphic”.

It is a message of peace, love and, consequently, happiness. I guess peace and love are really the formula, main ingredients needed for happiness. So, I hope that this graphic will deliver the message I wanted to send. Personally, I loved it so much that this is something I’d send out to a sticker printing company to make me a sticker which I’d put on the car bumper. I can can already see how cool it would look on some old VW Beetle 🙂

sticker printing

It is a blog about graphics after all, but I hope you don’t mind me sharing some other thoughts, it is all interconnected after all.

Now, I am not sure if I am allowed to share Alanis Morisette video from YouTube on my blog (although everybody seems to be doing it), but, however, I strongly recommend listening to her “Hand In My Pocket” it just drives me all day and I hope it will make feel good too.

Now, back to sixties, what it all comes down to is that everything’s gonna be fine, fine, fine :))

I hope you will enjoy the “Tribute to 60’s” graphic – download zipped PSD here 🙂

Love you all!


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