Watercolor Snowflakes Clip Art

Watercolor Snowflakes Clip Art

Yep. First snow this season. Yesterday. Here. In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

As if it knew I finally finished my little/big watercolor project simply called:

Watercolor Snowflakes Clip Art

First of all, I was kinda surprised to see that much snow in November in this part of Europe. Usually we wouldn’t see it before mid December and sometimes even later. In January.

However, what’s more exciting is that I finally managed to finish the the Watercolor Snowflakes Clip Art project. Painting the snowflakes was the easy part (for me). Cleaning up the background? Don’t ask. That was a nightmare. And 25 years of experience Photoshop did not help me speed up the process. It’s a tedious, manual work which feels like it can never be completed. So, yes, it took me three days to finish it. And it was worth it. I am happy with the results and I think it will be my “flagship” product of the season!

I see it as a great asset for seasonal (and non-seasonal) visual design projects of all kinds. From scrapbooking to packaging design, web design, motion graphics … you name it.

It comes with a commercial license so it can be used for commercial projects as well.

Watercolor Snowflakes Clip Art

It consists of:

  • 12 watercolor snowflakes, transparent PNG files
  • size vary from 1306 (2 inches) up to 2421 (4 inches) @600 dpi
  • commercial use

As usual, this one is added to GBG lifetime membership downloads.

It is available on my Five Cats Graphics Etsy shop and, of course, here on Graphics-Illustrations.Com.

If you are reading this in November 2018. I would recommend to purchase it from my Five Cats Graphics Etsy Shop because I am offering a 20% discount there until the end of the month.

GBG Lifetime Membership is also tempting because you get almost everything I ever did for 57USD and this includes free updates with all new stuff – forever.

Well, I guess that’s it for this blog post. I hope you will like the Watercolor Snowflakes Clip Art set and that we won’t have too much snow this season. Just enough for the “Holiday spirit” 🙂

Whatever you do – have fun creating!

Love you all,