Floral Smartphone Wallpaper, Pinterest, Photoshoots and Rain

floral smartphone wallpaper

Floral Smartphone Wallpaper, Pinterest, Photoshoots and Rain

A Rain Check on My Photoshoot

Monday. What a peculiar way to kick off the week. Today was supposed to be bustling with a scheduled photoshoot at half-past two. However, early this morning, an email popped up from one of the agencies I freelance with – photoshoot cancelled. Though they’re reimbursing me 50%, it’s a far cry from another agency that compensates me fully. It’s frustrating – does my time only hold 50% of its value?

As I await the gentle drizzle needed for my documentary project, I can’t help but reflect on the weather’s mood swings last week. From torrential downpours to unexpectedly perfect conditions on Friday – when, of course, I was already double-booked. Just my luck, right?

But speaking of luck, I’ve been on a surprising roll. Last month, my Pinterest metrics exploded – impressions, engagements, saves, and clicks were through the roof! It’s thrilling to see such a positive response to my pins and posts. And it’s not all about luck; it’s about hard work and dedication too.

Top Pins of the Month: A Floral Fiesta

And now, let me share with you the stars of last month:

1. Daisy, Floral Smartphone Wallpaper (Free Download) – This vibrant, nature-inspired wallpaper brings a slice of the garden right to your screen.

2. Another Daisy Floral Smartphone Wallpaper (Free Download) – Another take on the classic daisy to brighten your day and your device.

3. Hand-Drawn Floral Doodle Clipart (Premium Content) – For those looking to add a personal touch to their designs, this premium content is perfect for crafting and creative projects.

Digital Garden

So, there you have it – my little digital garden of free and premium content for you to explore. Feel free to download the free stuff, check out more at my FiveCatsGraphics Etsy shop, and browse through growing selection of Premium content.

Until next time… have fun creating and enjoy your new floral smartphone wallpaper!

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