Hand Drawn Birdies Clip Art for Your Designs

Hand Drawn Birdies Clip Art
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Hand Drawn Birdies Clip Art for Your Designs

A Nostalgic Flight Back to 2010

Hey there, fellow graphics and illustrations lovers! Remember the good old days of 2010 when hand drawn designs were all the rage? It was 14 years ago when I created these Free Birds Photoshop Brushes: Doodle Birdies. And they are still useful and fun (at least according to Pinterest). Well, I’ve got good news: I have new set: Hand Drawn Birdies Clip Art. Drawing by hand still seems to hold its charm against the shiny new images generated by artificial intelligence. There’s something irreplaceable about the touch of the human hand in art, don’t you think?

The Joys of Analog Art

Recently, I’ve been channeling my inner artist more than ever, switching between the strokes of my paintbrush and the click of my camera shutter. Working with acrylic paints gives me a sense of grounding, like I’m part of the canvas itself. And don’t get me started on analog photography – it’s a whole different ball game! Just imagine: a mechanical camera, only 12 shots in medium format, followed by the magical process of developing film. It’s the anticipation that makes it thrilling!

Unveiling the New Collection

So, what’s in the new collection, you ask? I’m excited to reveal the new set:

Hand Drawn Birdies Clip Art

Hand Drawn Birdies Clip Art

It includes 15 delightful, transparent PNG files, ready to add personality to any project you can think of. From greeting cards to blog banners, these birdies are here to spruce up your designs with their quirky and endearing styles.

Hand Drawn Birdies Clip Art

An example of how to color them

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Until next time, keep creating, have fun, and let your imagination soar with our Hand Drawn Birdies Clip Art. Happy designing!


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