How To Be In Peace With Everything

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How To Be In Peace With Everything

Silver Snowflakes Confetti Overlays

This is what I think of when I look at the Silver Snowflakes Confetti Overlays.

And this is what I thought of while I was making it. I thought to myself: “Is this the formula? Recipe? Expressing myself on a piece of paper?”

How to be in piece with everything?

I could announce that everything doesn’t matter. I could announce that, but would it change the way I feel?

Nope. Or maybe just for a moment.

But what if I practice? What if I practice the feeling of “Nothing matters”? Can it be mastered, like any other skill?

I don’t know. But sounds like it could work.

Anyways, I know there are gazillions of theories on that outside, but I guess, there is no “one size fits all” theory.

So, well, this is mine:

1. Do something creative

2. Feel how nothing else matters

3. Practice

4. Enjoy what you do

And that’s it. A theory on how to be in peace with everything. It’s as good as any other.

Maybe you have your own? Share it in the comments. I’d like to know about it.

In the meantime, relax, enjoy this Thursday, present time is all we’ve really got after all.

Love you all,


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One thought on “How To Be In Peace With Everything

  1. To just know that, in most cases, we have a choice, is all I need to feel peace within. In each moment, I have the choice to sit, idly by, not doing a darned thing. Or, I can create a piece of art! Or, I could call a friend, do some research, take a nap, and so on. So often, we allow our current circumstances to dictate our entire being. It isn’t always like that! For those times when we have a choice, I say, “GO FOR IT!”

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