On Visiting Photokina And A Brand New Bokeh Overlays Pack

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On Visiting Photokina And A Brand New Bokeh Overlays Pack

This blog post is about planing the weekend and presenting the brand new bokeh overlays pack.

Wow! Now that’s a long title! I almost feel like I’ve said it all already.

But I havent! And I’m trying to keep my sentences short. But I’m not very good at it.

Well, anyways. How are you guys? Happy about the Friday being finally here, aren’t you? I know I am. And for multiple reasons.

First, working week is over and we’ve got the weekend all for ourselves.

Second, I am traveling to Koeln, Germany tomorrow for the legendary Photokina. It is one of the worlds biggest photo fairs and probably the oldest one too. It was always my dream since I fell in love with photography, to visit Photokina (and that was a long time ago) and now, finally – yes.

It will take a few hours drive with my good old Smart to get there from Luxembourg and I’ll have to get up early because tomorrow is the last day of the fair.

So, woo-hooo! Yes! Looking forward to that.

Talking about photography, I was working on some bokeh overlays the other day and what stroke me the most is how popular these are. I mean bokeh is, by it’s nature, out-of-focus image. But this “blurriness” kinda pleases our eyes. We like it.

For instance, tomorrow at Photokina I will witness the photo industry which, among other things, strives and spends millions to produce equipment (especially lenses) that will help photographers create sharp images. The sharper – the better. Millions of dollars are spent in photo industry research labs just to move forward in this direction.

And, on the other hand, because of the nature of our visual/emotional perception balance, we kinda enjoy blurry images just as much.

Ok. Of course. Not all kind of blurriness is pleasant, but this special “bokeh” kind, we’ll yes – we definitely like that.

Now, why?

Bokeh Overlays Pack

Here is my theory. We like bokeh for the same reason we like Agatha Christie. We like this little glimpse of “mystery” in the picture. Some undefined shapes in the image that let’s our imagination build up a story, finish the picture. This lack of instant revelation turns us into active participant as we consciously or subconsciously build-up, in our heads, the rest of the “story”, or in “bokeh” case – rest of the image.

So, I guess this is why, if done properly, bokeh images are something we enjoy looking at.

And there is another, more simple theory: They look good. Period. 🙂

Whatever the case may be, I am proud to show you some of my latest work when it comes to bokeh overlays and as well as practical examples of their application.

Needless to say, if you like them – I am selling :), so you can use them for your own bokeh projects and various visual creations. Commercial or non-commercial. I’m sure they will help you big time giving that final touch of mystery, nostalgia and that warm and fuzzy feeling all at once – to your work.

So, well, check them out, see how you can use them (I’m sure that will be an easy thing to do), enjoy your Friday and be happy because the weekend is knocking at the door!

But, above all – stay creative!

Love you all!


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