Light Leak Overlays For Photoshop Pack

… and just about any other photo editing software.

So guys. Weekend is over. Gone. Fresh memory which is soon about to fade. Unless something really special happened.

For me, I was in Germany, City of Köln, visiting Photokina 2018 and I liked it, liked it, yes I did. It was my first time to visit this Photo fair. Apparently these who were visiting this event 5, 10, 20, 30 years ago, they were quite disappointed as it gets smaller every year. To me it seemed big and it really takes two days to see everything.

Anyways, the marketing machinery is all about mirrorless cameras? Why? They say because it enables more compact camera bodies. I say it’s because they need to make existing equipment obsolete, at least at consumers perception level, in order to sell new stuff.

Personally, I will more often be moved by pinhole photography then by super expensive, hi-end, top-notch camera. Pinhole is all about a box (may as well be a shoe-box) with a small hole on one side and a film on the opposite side. That’s it. Unsharp black and white image is guaranteed. But it will have “that something” which causes a reaction somewhere inside of us.

Same goes for the effect of light leak. Originally, light leaks were, back in the film days, the result of imperfect enclosures for films which would allow the light to leak from the back of the camera. This was definitely not intentional and in time cameras got better and “natural” live leaks are now nearly impossible, or should I say completely impossible in digital photography.

But we need it. We need that small imperfections that give that “human touch” to images. That’s why we came up with light leak effects and overlays. And I am no exception so I created some for my own use and, of course, the same ones are offered for sale so that you can use them as well. Because I know you like that effect too.

Light Leak Overlays For Photoshop Pack

So, well, here is my Light Leaks Photo Overlays Pack and a short video to show you how to use it. It’s very simple and very effective.

How to use Light Leaks Photo Overlays For Photoshop


  1. Open your image when overlay will be applied.
  2. Open and place selected overlay above the image.
  3. Change the Layer Blending Mode to Screen.

In this big image overlay pack you will find:

  • 40 HiRes JPG files (just add them above your image and change blending mode layer style to Screen in Photoshop)
  • 5616×3744 pix at 300 dpi
  • great for photo editing, video editing

Ok. That’s it for Monday. I wish you all a great week, stay well, love each other and stay creative!