Swirled Trees, New Photoshop Brushes – Digital Stamps set

Swirled Trees Digital Stamps
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Swirled Trees, New Photoshop Brushes – Digital Stamps set

OK. I can give you a short update on what’s going on so you won’t think I’m just sitting here doing nothing all day 😉

Actually, I am working hard, preparing a two new Photoshop brushes sets.

One will be called Swirled Trees. And the other one – Fantasy Birds.

As some of you, Facebook friends, have already noticed, I’m kinda addicted to my new Hipstamatic iPhone photo application, so I use it wherever it fits and I also use it in the situations where I probably should not be using it, like in this post.

I made these beautiful Swirled Trees and I wanted to share with you the working version from my screen (which, apart from my iPhone is still the only Apple piece of equipment I’ve got …).

So, of course, in this post I just had to use Hipstamatic again and get that “lomo” look… Here is the working version of the new Photoshop brushes – Swirled Trees which will come out in the next few days:

Swirled Trees Hipstamatic

And here is the working preview of Fantasy birds Photoshop brushes, available right now!

Fantasy Birds Photoshop Brushes set - Hipstamatic photo

And, of course, Mr. Alphons (a.k.a. Peeco) and Poofah are always here, watching from above :))

Mr. Alphons and Poofah

Previously exclusive to our newsletter subscribers, this set is now yours to download for free

FREE Download Fantasy Birds Photoshop Brushes

Love ya all!



Did you notice how Graphics-Illustrations.Com has now Google Page Rank of 4 (four)? Well, I did! Had to do bear dance on that one 😉

And as you await the completion of the Swirled Trees Photoshop brushes, why not explore the Swirled Frames Photoshop brush set? It’s available for free.

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