Once upon a time (that would be, like, last week) I made 20 swirled trees in my beloved vector editing program CorelDRAW! (I always make my brushes in vectors first, that way I am always sure that the high quality will be preserved while transforming shapes to brushes).

And I liked what I saw. And I made 20 Swirled Trees Photoshop brushes of 1000px and 20 2500px. This way, we avoid over re-sizing and preserve top-notch brush quality from, say, 500px up to 3000px which should be enough for any serious work.

And then, I figured, how cool it would be if the trunk and tree top would be divided. Then it would maybe take longer to create a tree, but we’d get two new features:

  1. combining different tree tops with different trunks
  2. easier coloring of tree tops and trunks in different colors

You already guess, I just could not resist the urge to make this add on, another 46 brushes and BUNDLE them all together into Swirls and Trees Photoshop brushes SET!

Swirled Trees Photoshop Brushes

The Swirled Trees Photoshop brushes SET now contains 132 (YES, ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY TWO!!!) High Quality Photoshop brushes that will get your creative juices flowing in NO TIME!

Just imagine these fantasy trees in your scrapbooks, or photo books, or your designs of any kind! They can be combined and colored in … well, gazillion ways and used as a background decoration or the focal point of your creations, make woods or lonely trees graphics, they will do any job for your projects just perfectly.

Swirls and Trees Photoshop brushes set is now available for purchase in my shop at it’s regular price of $9.00 (peanuts, I know).

And if you are a Gold or PLATINUM GBG Member you will get it at 30% DISCOUNT! (Along with loads of other benefits and features that Golden GBG members enjoy.)

I know you know, but just to make sure that there are no mistakes about the commercial license – it is included in this set, so you can use it to make money, which many of you already know and do with my brushes.

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