GBG eZine, March 2015 Edition is Out!

GBG eZine, March 2015 edition
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GBG eZine, March 2015 Edition is Out!

Most of the newsletters today are being sent out on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.
However, there is this one special newsletter that is being sent every 2,5 years 🙂

Yes, ladies and gentleman, the GBG eZine, March 2015 edition is OUT!

Watercolor Clouds digital brushes

Last GBG eZine was out in October 2012 and it took me almost 2, 5 years to make a new one.

As always, there will be free downloads, but for the paid downloads I am no longer offering the legendary 800+ Photoshop brushes MEGA SET. Instead, there are some other creations from my partners at Creative Market.

Why am I no longer offering my products in GBG eZine?
Well, for several reasons. First of all, I got an email from some of you that you already have almost everything I offer for sale and that I should really add some new stuff. Which is fair enough.

However, I have to admit that I am discouraged offering my new stuff at so called “competitive prices”. I mean, the competition is selling their brushes or vectors at such a low rates that I’d rather give mine away for free.

Having said that, I found a way to help with my Photoshop brushes and scrapbook kits! I gave some of my products for free to S.O.S. Cat (non-profit cat rescue organization). So, if you are looking for a way to help abandoned animals and could make a use of some of my Photoshop brushes or scrapbook kits, head on to and whatever you buy there, money will go to S.O.S. Cat. I know the ladies working there, believe me, they are making miracles on a shoestring budget.

So, some of you already noticed, almost all new downloads I make are offered for free on GBG site. Also, in latest eZine, you get my stuff for free and stuff from other artists for a very low price are available through links on the newsletter.

Why don’t I lower my prices?
I can’t.
I’m sorry. I can’t and this is for three reasons:
1. I am not a mass producer nor do I have a huge network to promote my products
2. Even if I did that it would not be fair towards all of my previous buyers
3. I am glad that not too many people have my brushes it is kind of a added value for those who buy it?. Not many people have it 🙂

Ah, I almost forgot! Some of you already know that I have been volunteering for various animal rescue organizations for several years now.

So, well, this is a brief update. New GBG eZine is out with some of my fresh creations too.

If you are a GBG member you will receive a link for the latest edition of GBG eZine by email and if you are not you can access it at:

Make it a great day, create and have fun!


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