Obstacles vs. Magic

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First of all, for those if you who are not interested in reading the full story behind the Watercolor Circles free Photoshop brushes, the download link is down at the bottom of this post, in the P.S. It is a direct download link. No registrations. No commercials. No nothing. Just “click and download”.


Now, for the rest of you, if there is anybody interested in the rest of the philosophy … it all starts with a romantic comedy movie.

Yes. It was a nice, simple, easy romantic comedy when this dialogue came up. Main character, a lonely girl, was looking for an excuse not to approach that guy she liked. At this point, second main character, an elderly man (played by Richard Dreyfuss) said to her: “You are looking for obstacles rather than looking for magic.

Well, it stroke me. Such a simple sentence. Simple thought.

I know, it sounds silly. It’s not like I was reading some deep book on philosophy, psychology or something like that. It was an average romantic comedy movie, but anyways. When he said those words – It made me think. Just how many times did I do that? How many times did I look for obstacles instead for magic? Excuses instead of possibilities?

Now, this happens all the time. Not just when it comes to relationships. How many times did it happen to us – we felt excited about doing something and immediately we find ourselves thinking about all the obstacles all the reasons why we shouldn’t try?

The older I get the more I believe that life IS about taking chances. I know, it’s usually younger people who tend to think that way. As we get older we are less inclined to taking chances. I guess it went the other way around for me. When I was younger I always tried to play it safe. I was rarely taking chances. And am saying “rarely” just because it is hard for me to believe that I actually never did take a chance, risk.

In time to come, I think I will be doing more of “taking chances”. I will give chance a chance more often.

So, well, at least I will keep this sentence for future. For the next time I start to worry. I will keep that in mind for the future which starts just about – now. I am sure I missed too much already just because I was too cautious or too worried about what may go wrong. I’ve already spent too much time focusing on obstacles and the time has come to change that.

OK. Again. I am not sure what does this blog post have to do with graphics or illustrations. Except for that little graphic in the header, but anyways. I needed to come out with it as this post will also be my reminder for the next time I try to look for obstacles. It may be yours too.

Love you all,


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