Damask Vector Illustrations Pack (22) – And Some Free Damask Vectors Too

Damask vector set
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Damask Vector Illustrations Pack (22) – And Some Free Damask Vectors Too


Damask Photoshop brushes were such a huge success (page 1 on Google too:)) !!! I can’t believe it! Thank you for liking it!

And that’s not all. Many of you asked for vectors. And when you, guys, say something – I listen.

Yes, I agree. If you’re good in Illustrator, CorelDRAW! or similar vector editing application – vectors are the way to go. They offer so much flexibility, You can create unlimited amount of shape variations just using the vectors from the set.

Also, I hope you know. There is one FREE vector editing software – Inkscape! So, if you’re on budget but would still like to try vector editing – Inkscape is the way to go.

OK. Where was I? Yes, when you say something – I listen. I don’t just listen – I do. So, when you said – Damask Vectors – I did.

Ladies and gentleman, let me present you,

brand new, fresh and still warm,

the one and only

Damask Vector Illustrations set

Damask Vector set

Damask Vector Set contains Damask shapes in the following formats:

1. .ai (all CS versions from 8.0)
2. .eps format
3. .cdr (Corel 8.0 up to newer versions)
4. .png (so you can easily use them in any photo editing software)
5. .svg (SVG, or scalable vector graphics files can be read and modified by a large range of tools including Inkscape)

Commercial license included!

This vector set consists of same shapes as Damask Photoshop brushes set with 2 new add-on shapes (just to juice things it up a bit 🙂

So, if you want more freedom when with working with Damask shapes – this pack is the way to go.

All shapes can be combined with one another to create new ones and, as you know, this is a whole lot of new Damask shapes you will be creating yourself in no time!

Your creativity is the only limit. And since we all know that creativity has no limits, well, this pack can take you places you never thought were possible.

Damask vector set

Well, that’s it for today, have a great day, have fun creating, hug and kiss the person next to you and

Happy Thursday!



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