Damask Photoshop Brushes (Digital Stamps)

Damask Clip Art Set: Photoshop Brushes, PNG and EPS
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Damask Photoshop Brushes (Digital Stamps)

I know, I’ve been away for a while. It’s been nine days since my last post. But, it was for a good reason. I was busy creating a brand new bsilvia Photoshop brushes (Digital stamps) set.

Believe me, I did not have such a demanding and complicated brush project for quite a while! But now, it’s done and I’m proud of what I see.

Ladies and gentleman!

Graphic designers, web designers, scrapbookers, artists, photographers, Photoshoppers, videographers, business professionals and enthusiasts of all kinds!

After nine days (and nights) of hard work (you know, to achieve ultimate quality, I draw brushes as vectors, line by line, before converting them to Photoshop brushes and png files) I proudly present you the ultimate tool for your

  • graphic design projects,
  • web design projects
  • photo books,
  • rubber stamps,
  • wallpapers,
  • wedding invitations and wedding stationery,
  • textile designs,
  • paper designs,
  • I even saw people making shoes (I’m one of them) and t-shirts,

whatever YOUR idea is – these will make it come to life

My dear G-I Facebook page fans, friends and visitors, I proudly bring you

Damask Clip Art Set: Photoshop Brushes, PNG and EPS – FREE Download

Damask Clip Art Set: Photoshop Brushes, PNG and EPS

Damask Clip Art Set:

  • 34 HiQuality brushes in 3 sizes (24-1955 pixels at 300dpi)
  • 34 transparent PNG files (so you get to use them in any image editing application)
  • 34 EPS files
  • Commercial license included (so you get to use them for your commercial projects)

It is compatible with Mac (any OS)

It Compatible with Adobe Photoshop (7.0 up to CS5 for PC and Mac), Photoshop Elements (up to version 9), PaintShopPro, Paint.NET and pretty much any decent image editing application out there.

Ok. That’s it for this post. I know you will love Damask Clip Art Set (thank you for your feedback on the Facebook page)

Love ‘ya all! Have fun creating!

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