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The Sounds of Spring, March 2011 Desktop Wallpaper Download

What’s that sound that I hear? What’s that sound that I hear? Is that the spring coming? Is that what I hear? Ever since the December I started the countdown for the Spring. Yes, I don’t like cold weather, or snow or ice. None of it. I need to be kept on a warm place […]

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Circles, circles… Photoshop Brushes set!

Gang! I didn’t feel quite well last few days, but today I’m all back on track now, almost fully recovered and in a great mood. What does it mean? It means that, the time has come, for the brand new, and free, and totally cool, and… well, ladies and gentleman, let me present you Circles […]

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New free add-on to my latest Calendar 2009 Photoshop brush

Guys, due to the popular demand I decided to add huge .psd formats to the Calendar 2009 Photoshop brushes set. So, in addition to 36 HiRes brushes you will also get 36 HiRes (3500px by 2857px at 300dpi – that’s 11,6×9,5 inches!) in 3 (three) psd files (20MB grunge version, 2MB simple version and 2MB […]

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New Photoshop Brush Set Light Strokes

Tadaaaa! A new brush set is born! And it’s FREE! Had some issues on naming it… that was difficult. I knew I wanted the name to contain the word “light” but what light? Sparkling light? Dancing light… not bad but… not exactly what I was looking for. And then it occurred to me: Lightworks! or Light […]

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Outlined Swirls Photoshop Brushes. Lookin’ Better Than Ever!

One swirl meets an Artist in a bar: “Hi, my name is Swirl, Outlined Swirl.” “Ooooh, you must be a new Swirl in town. Nice to meet you. I’m an Artist. Photoshop 7.0 Artist. Are we compatible?” “But, of course. I’m compatible with you and all of your younger friends there, all the way to […]

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Swirled frames, Photoshop brushes set

Here it is: Swirled frames – Photoshop brushes set (Photoshop 7, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 and new verisions compatible). Why frames? Why swirled? Because those are great for scrapbook pages. You just can’t miss with cute swirled – floral frames! Swirled frames Photoshop brushes set  Preview: I’m sure you’ll use them to make great […]

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