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Wedding Photo Album Cover

I know, this blog is mostly about Photoshop brushes. Mostly and mainly. It is also about anything and everything that has anything to do with graphics and illustrations. (Nicley put, in’nit?) Most of the visitors of this blog (around 3000 daily, 80% are new visits) came over here through Google looking for some free downloads […]

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Photoshop brush: Weekdays

Photoshop brushes that are presented in this post are called “Weekdays”, actually these are nicely written days of the week. If you are looking for Photoshop brush or brush for photoshop to help you out, say, creating a barbecue invitation that one would help you state a day of the week. This is just one of number free photoshop brushes that are offered on this site.

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And the winner is…

Guys, Before I announce the winners of the competition, I want to make one thing clear: ALL OF THE WORKS WERE AWESOME!!!! You guys gave me such a hard time with your submissions … I will never forgive you for that 😉 Had to go through all of 116 banner submissions, one by one, shortlist, […]

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Photo Corners – Yet Another Great Photoshop Brushes Set

Gang!What I’ve got here is something completely different. Something new. And one of those “how did I not think about this before!” things. It’s useful for all of you who have photos of your friends, family, pets, photos from travel or important and not so important events. So, if you don’t have any photographs, that’s […]

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Photoshop 7.0 Brushes Swirls 2 Download

So finally, after a long time, they’re out to the light of the day: Swirls 2 – The Resurrection Set! (Do I sound like an Alien movie fan? 🙂 I’m not!) For last two years (or so) swirls are unchallenged on their throne of the modern graphic design elements. Swirls are used extensively in web and […]

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What makes the Photoshop brushes great tool for beginners too?

The story about Photoshop brushes has some controversy in it. On one hand, many people, even experienced Photoshop users, don’t really use this feature very often. Maybe because it was pretty limited before and not so widely known among early Photoshop adopters. On the other hand, beginners know even less about it as it sounds […]

Free Downloads Photoshop Brushes

Fast Track to Great Designs – Swirled Corners, PS brushes set

Corners designs (great for all kinds of graphic design and especially great for scrapbooking) Benefits: Or you can just play with those brushes and apply the results to your graphic design projects. That’s offenly the best way to get inspired! (Photoshop 7, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4 , CS5… and new versions compatible) Swirled Corners Photoshop […]

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