Wedding Photo Album Cover

Wedding Album
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Wedding Photo Album Cover

I know, this blog is mostly about Photoshop brushes. Mostly and mainly. It is also about anything and everything that has anything to do with graphics and illustrations. (Nicley put, in’nit?)

Most of the visitors of this blog (around 3000 daily, 80% are new visits) came over here through Google looking for some free downloads or tutorials. Of course, with more than 80 free Photoshop brushes sets, a dozen of free vectors and illustrations I hope no one leaves this site disappointed.

But, sometimes, just sometimes a feel the need to share some of my thoughts with you guys. It’s not like I’m some kind of hermit living in a solitude with no-one to talk to. (Although there are times when I wouldn’t mind living like that :)) But today, I’d like to share some thoughts with you.

So, what Photohop brushes and free downloads have to do with our purpose on this planet, our existence in this time and space? (If time and space exist at all).

Well, believe it or not, I have my opinion about that and maybe you will agree.

First of all (and it took me a while to come to this conclusion), I believe that we are here to be happy. That is our main purpose.

My grandma believes that we are here to good onto others and this fits my theory perfectly.

And that brings us to the topic of this blog – graphics. How?

Say you know how to do scrap booking. And say you know someone who would be glad to receive scrap book or photo album from you. And, say, you want to make this person, or couple – happy. It’s easy. Just find or take a photo of them (or him or her). Frame it properly, add some decorations, print it out and – voila!

For this post I prepared a little photo album front page idea. It’s just a start, but, as an old Chinese proverb says: To start is to have half of the job done.

So, here is this little photo album front page idea, I hope it will help you get some other ideas and make yourself and someone else happy.

Wedding Album

Here is what I used in this front page:
1. Hearts Photoshop Brushes Set
2. Circled hearts, Photoshop brushes set

Ok. That’s it for today’s post.
Be happy, make others happy and have fun creating!


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