The story about Photoshop brushes has some controversy in it.

Floral Bonanza Photoshop Brushes Pack

On one hand, many people, even experienced Photoshop users, don’t really use this feature very often. Maybe because it was pretty limited before and not so widely known among early Photoshop adopters.

On the other hand, beginners know even less about it as it sounds like some advanced users tool.

And it’s not. I’d even say that Photoshop brushes are great tool for beginners.


Because, you can make a great looking graphics in literally 10 seconds with Photoshop brushes. Period.

Once the spacing and scattering parameters (and others) are adjusted (and anyone can do that) it is only a matter of making several strokes with the brush along your working area.

You don’t need to know how to draw, how to work with paths, how apply special effects, play with masks … as I said – Photoshop brushes are perfect beginners tool which can, in hands of an advanced user, create a graphical symphony in no time.

See more in the “Introduction to Photoshop brush settings” video ->

Have fun creating!
S 🙂