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Hawaiian Flowers Vector Set – Hibiscus Flowers Vector set

Gang, I hope you like the image above. This is Garfield and he is one of 6 brothers and sisters who came to this world 25 days ago and are finding shelter in my home. They will stay with us until we  manage to find good people who will be their now friends for life. […]

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Using Photoshop Brushes in Web And Graphic Design

Guys, Most of you already know how indispensable Photoshop brushes are when it comes to web and graphic design. Examples of their use are everywhere. In this post I will show you how I used them to modify the original WordPress theme of this site and create something completely different. Of course, for all modifications […]

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Celebration of Life – Wedding Photoshop brushes

Wedding is the occasion when we celebrate life. Marriage comes with love and love is power that gives sense to it all. Or, at least, that’s something I”d like to believe. So, having this in mind I thought I’d make a compilation of brushes that contributes to this philosophy. I bundled 4 of my Photoshop […]

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What makes the Photoshop brushes great tool for beginners too?

The story about Photoshop brushes has some controversy in it. On one hand, many people, even experienced Photoshop users, don’t really use this feature very often. Maybe because it was pretty limited before and not so widely known among early Photoshop adopters. On the other hand, beginners know even less about it as it sounds […]

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