Boost your creative energy with a little help from my friends

Boost your creative energy with a little help from my friends
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Boost your creative energy with a little help from my friends


Today I want to tell you about my friends and how they help me and how they can help you boost your creative energy.

We all know how frustrating it is when you have the urge to try and create something, but then you find yourself stuck in front of the blank sheet (say, new Photoshop document) and whatever you try just doesn’t seem to “cut it”.

Then you sit there and as the time passes by you become more and more frustrated about this empty sheet and all the fruitless efforts. Yes, you could give it up and try again some other time. Or you could give it up and never try again.

And that would be such a shame! There is something you need to know: If you didn’t have it in you, you wouldn’t feel the urge to create in the first place.

And you need is just a little sparkle

Just a little sparkle, a little push that will make the whole world of difference that day. I’m not talking about something big. At least nothing bigger than the apple that fell on Newtons head and made the history 🙂

You guessed, when it comes to graphic and visual arts, that apple is – Photoshop brush.

Birds Photoshop brushes
Birds Photoshop brushes

That little push that we need, that little sparkle that will start the fire of creation in our little world of graphic artists, designers and enthusiasts, that’s what Photoshop brushes really are. And that’s why I make them.

You see, once I make that Photoshop brush, it becomes my little friend that I call for help in the moments of desperation.

Easy to use

And then I go, press F5, pick one of the brushes, drag it all over that empty sheet and voila! The stream of creative energy starts to flow all around me, whether I like that initial stroke or not, things start moving forward and they move fast. Ideas just start popping out, “ok, why don’t I make this orange?” “maybe little bigger?” “Yes, I’ll put that shape over here and there and there!” “Oh, mama! Your gonna love this… ” And the rest is history. Frustration is gone. Job gets done. My little friends are happy. I’m happy.

Of course, Photoshop brushes are also very handy when you already have an idea, an image of what you want to do is already in your head. Then you just browse through brushes (that’s why it’s good to have loads of them) and see which one fits the best. This is where the creation process becomes fast. Just take that brush, twist it rotate it color it and make it just the way you saw it in your head. Creation and creativity walk hand in hand here.

And that’s why it’s good to have friends like that 🙂

So, gang, these were some of my thoughts on creation process and creative energy. If you feel like doing something right now, take these thoughts as a little push, go get some free brushes, unlock your potential and let my friends become your friends on our path to bigger and better designs and graphical creations.

Love ya all!


P.S. Grab your “Birds Photoshop Brushes Pack” right here and unleash your creativity! Plus, don’t miss out on the latest masterpieces – take a glimpse at how Vivayne in Free Digital Scrapbooking Kit: Island Paradise and Kira in Wedding Digital Scrapbook have skillfully wielded these Photoshop brushes in their recent projects. Dive in now and be inspired!

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