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Earth Day 2011. – Free Quick Page and A New Photography Technique

In this article we will be talking about: Yes, it’s Earth Day! And this year we are celebrating it by planting and growing our own vegetables in our own garden.  The permaculture way! (read all about permaculture on wikipedia) Why? Well, everyone knows that food prices are going up. No matter where you live – […]

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2 cats Digital Scrapbooking Quick Page – Free download

Guys, Just before we go and present new free download for this post, please allow me to introduce our new pet, Poofahs new friend, the one and only Meacco Peacco aka Alphons the Third! “This is just an artificial mouse they let me play with. But I ain’t complaining, yet.“ “I am still very young. […]

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Digital Scrapbook Quick Page “Lazy Days” (Approved by Poofitzah)

Poofitzah is celebrating her ninth month! In fact, we are not sure about the  exact birth date because she was a stray cat… but we believe that she was born sometime between 15th and 25th of August 🙂 So, to honor the occasion, I uploaded some new photos of Poofitzah here –>> And after this […]

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