Earth Day 2011. and a Free Quick Page

In this article we will be talking about:

  1. Earth day and growing your own vegetables without pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals (huh?!  I know …) ,

  2. There will be one Quick Page Earth Day (Free Download)

  3. A few words about the new Photography technique called TtV

  4. We will NOT talk about the royal wedding (sorry, no royal weddings here)

Yes, it’s Earth Day! And this year we are celebrating it by planting and growing our own vegetables in our own garden.  The permaculture way! (read all about permaculture on wikipedia)

Why? Well, everyone knows that food prices are going up. No matter where you live – the food is getting more and more expensive every day. In addition, growing food in the old fashioned, industrial way, is not the way to the healthy snack. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers are heavily used in conventional industrial food production, so that is one more reason to start growing your own food if you have a garden. Even if you don’t have your own garden, there are ways to grow your own food (see: Organopónicos )

So, we decided to grow our own food without any chemicals in the process. No. We are going the  permaculture,  Ruth Stout “no-work”, “no-dig” gardening way 🙂 All about Ruth Stout you can view in this nice little video here

Now, I assume you were a bit surprised to read about the home food production on site, but it’s just that I thought it’s important. That’s it.

Now, the topic. Free quick page 🙂

You can see what the quick page looks like on the header image. Just add your own photos and that’s it. Dimensions are 12×12 inches @300 dpi and it is a  PSD (Photoshop layered file). You can download it here. It’s about 40MB, so please be patient while downloading. On the other hand, you will get a high quality printout out if it.

And now about this totally cool photographic technique called TtV.

Look at the images below. To get this effect there was no Photoshopping whatsoever. These photos are just made with the  TtV technique – Through the Viewfinder. Basically I pointed a 60 years old 6×6 (medium format) analog camera at the objects I was photographing, and then, with my Canon 5D I took the shoot of this old cameras viewfinder.

(Sadly, I didn’t use the paper shade as it is shown on the link above, but, in future, I will. It’s really hard to shoot without the shade.)

And I just love the retro look of these photos. I hope you like them too 🙂
through the viewfinder through the viewfinder
More of my TtV photos can be found @Flickr

And that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this article.

Have a nice day and love our mother Earth 🙂

oh, ps: For the decorations in the Quick Page I used Wedding Photo Frames (squares) Photoshop brushes set – Photoshop brushes for commercial use.