By now, everyone knows that we have a cat. Well, it’s not just a cat, it’s really our family member. So, when I have something to do – she must help me or she will be very very sad or even offended!

Hand Painted Womans Pantyhose

In one of my previous posts I was already telling you about a friend of mine who pursues her dream of succeeding with her small company that makes pantyhose’s.  (you can see our previous photo sessions here: first and second) Another girl, our friend too, is really great illustrator, so she draw a few illustrations directly on four pairs of pantyhose’s, using some special textile colors so that the illustrations don’t get washed away. She even made special unique packaging!

Hand Painted Womans Pantyhose

Huh, did I mention that we have our own booth at this years Christmas fair? Yeah, that’s where we’re selling our stuff. She sells her products (socks and pantyhose) and I’m selling my photography applied to wooden surface, small hand made diaries that I also make myself, some gift-bags, wooden candle holders, and so on … This is how “Dragon” illustration looks like on the leg 🙂 (plastic leg, of course)

Hand Painted Womans Pantyhose

So today, in my small, improvised photo studio I made a few shots of these panty’s for a poster that we plan to hang out on our booth.

Of course, Poofitza (our cat) didn’t let me to do it alone. So, I created this special poster only for fun!

Hand Painted Womans Pantyhoses - Poster