How I Designed a Trade Show Booth With Zero Investment

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How I Designed a Trade Show Booth With Zero Investment

… And how Photoshop brushes helped.

Of course, each article I make here has to do something with Photoshop brushes.

But, this article is about woman entrepreneurship, friendship and helping each other when times get rough.

So, this friend of mine, Susan, mother of two, married to a working man decided that she will not abandon her dream of having her own business just because she doesn’t have initial capital and no business partner to help her out. Initiative and courage  – no doubt about that. Susan decided that she wants to produce pantyhose. So, she picked up all the savings she got, bought a machine a started a Lorien pantyhose&socks production.

There is one thing in life that comes almost as a rule. When people see how much passion, energy, sacrifice and persistence you are putting onto following your dream – they will, spontaneously, find them selves trying to figure out different ways to help.

And this is what happened to Susan. She was offered few square meters for booth on one international trade show for free! Sounds good – eh? Still, after investing into production machinery she had almost nothing left and the question was – how to equip that space and create a proper booth with no money at all?

So, we sat at my place, trying to figure out a way to do that when I looked around and realized that furniture in my apartment could just make a good start. It’s kinda antique furniture bought as a second hand at various antique furniture trade shows so I figured – the heck, why not?

A friend of hers had a van so no money down for transportation either and that’s it.

So, where do Photoshop brushes come in you’d ask?

Well, a year ago I had a photo sessions (click here to view – images from first photo session and images from second photo session) with a friend of ours as a model with her stockings on. Since Susan had no panels or posters I thought I’d use these images, decorate them with Photoshop brushes print them and apply to wood.


Woila! Here is how it came out at the trade show:

Trade booth design
Trade booth design

Can not really compare those with some high budget booths from big companies, but I think we did a pretty good job here. Especially knowing we did it with no money down whatsoever.

So, the moral of the story is:
If you have a dream just start working on it. Your passion will motivate people around to help out you and then no obstacle is too big and no wall to high.

Until next post, stay well and have fun creating!


Next time I will show you how to make brushes out of garlic. Yes, you heard (ok, read) it right. Garlic:)

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  1. I’m all about recycling! Awesome looking booth. By the way, I wear hose like this to work, actually, it’s my trademark. How do I find your friend to buy some?

  2. Hi Lynette! Well, actually, she operates in Croatia and shipping to US would be to costly. But, as soon as she starts exporting to US I will surely announce it here and help her as much as I can 🙂

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