Some New Photos

Island of Krk, Croatia
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Some New Photos

Today I was on a one day trip to the Island of Krk in Croatia.

As usual, took my camera with me – just in case the light is good. And it was. The wind was strong and it was cloudy but the light was, somehow, magical. Could not miss the opportunity.

So, my dear visitors, here they are, fresh photos from Island of Krk in Croatia and if you like them just click on any of them and it will take you to my other site where there are many more if them.

Island of Krk, Croatia

Lately I figured I’d add some moral to each of my posts. And the moral of this story is: Even the bad weather offers some great opportunities. Open your eyes!

Island of Krk, Croatia


P.S.: The day was gorgeous (and not just today), and so was the week, hinting at an even more splendid month ahead. While you’re here, explore how I’ve incorporated Photoshop brushes into photography, and don’t forget to browse my Etsy shop!

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