What a Beautiful Day

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What a Beautiful Day

Guys! My dear visitors. Old ones and new ones. Today is a beautiful day. I am completely enjoying it, the weather is great, September is here all is well. Yes, I know there will be plenty of beautiful days in a time to come, but I just needed to share this moment with you. Even Gustav turned out to be not so bad as it was expected.

Red leaf

So, since it is a beautiful day, I want you to enjoy as well. Think pink! Put a smile on your face (if it isn’t there already 🙂 and enjoy it! Give love and hugs to the person next to you. Or person next door. Don’t let anything distract you and have fun creating!



P.S.: While you’re here, dive into some recent posts: “Just Some Ramblings: Beyond Photoshop Brushes,” “Photo Corners – Another Useful Photoshop Brush Set,” and the brief guide “Photoshop Brushes in Action: Bride & Groom – The Process.” Additionally, I warmly invite you to check out my Etsy shop!

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3 thoughts on “What a Beautiful Day

  1. I saw your question in dotdashcreate and i just wanted to let you know I think the new layout looks really great. I didn’t see the old layout so i can’t really compare… but i really like it. I put any suggestions I had in your message board in dotdashcreate.

    very cheerful post by the way 🙂


  2. Hey there Silvia!
    It’s the first time I stumble upon your site and I love the stuffs that you do here. I love graphics, designing and specially art. So, needless to say that your “home” is wonderful! And the theme is unique and super cool! 😀

    Have a wonderful time,
    – Wakish –

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