This one is going to be short.

A Quick Overview On What’s Going On

So, if you just popped in into this blog post and you have no idea on what is this Steampunk Cats NFTs all about here is a short overview:

  1. Being a passionate cat-person who also loves the steampunk style, I created 33 NFTs with 33 Steampunk Cats which will be (or maybe already are – depending on when are you reading this) dropped on marketplace on 11.11.2023.
  2. 30% of all sales will go to S.O.S. Cat rescue NGO
  3. Every buyer gets a free tote bag with the NFT they purchased on it

In previous blog post I presented the first 11 NFTs and in this one, well, part two, meaning another 11 NFTs.

I know you love them. 🙂 I do too!

Anyways, for more detailed explanation of how to buy NFTs on OpenSea click [here].

To see the first 11 Steampunk Cats NFTs click here.

And tomorrow, you guessed, I will unveil the last third of Steampunk Cats NFTs.

Until then, have fun, enjoy and love each other!