Steampunk Cats Functional NFTs: Time Flies Fast And The Clock Is Ticking

Steampunk Cats Functional NFTs
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Steampunk Cats Functional NFTs: Time Flies Fast And The Clock Is Ticking

Moments zip by as the hands of the clock nudge forward relentlessly

So, if by some slim chance you happened to overlook the previous post and the grand reveal concerning the 33 Steampunk Cats NFTs, there’s absolutely no reason to fret. We’ve got you covered with all the whimsical details. These aren’t just any ordinary digital felines; they’re a marvelous blend of Victorian flair and futuristic tech, each with its own unique cog-and-gear charisma. So, take a moment to catch up and immerse yourself in the intricate world of these mechanical marvels. There’s plenty of time to get acquainted with every single steampunk kitty in the collection.

Countdown Continues: Just 5 Days Remaining!

There are still 5 days left to catch (at least) one of the dropped Steampunk NFT Cats and treat yourself with a free tote-bag (by free, I mean free, including shipping).

And another FREE treat for the future Steampunk Cats NFT owners is ANY product from my FiveCatsGraphics shop on Etsy.

Nevertheless, the pinnacle of delight, at least from my modest perspective, is the knowledge that your engagement also extends a helping hand to real cats in distress. A generous 30% of the sale proceeds are dedicated to S.O.S. Cat, a Croatian cat rescue NGO. By participating, you’re not just acquiring a piece of art; you’re contributing to a noble cause. I invite you to click here and discover more about the compassionate work S.O.S. Cat is doing for our feline friends in need. (click here to find out more about S.O.S. cat).

Don’t panic, there are still a few days left.

To learn how to buy the Steampunk NFTs on – click here!

Finally, here is one more little treat from me – a free desktop calendar for the month of November 2023.

desktop calendar for the month of November 2023

Peace and love,

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