Love Card, Design Template

Love Card, Design Template
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Love Card, Design Template

Love card????” I hear you say “Helooo?!!?! It’s, like, three months before Valentine’s day! Why can’t you just make something for Christmas like everybody else?

I know. I can’t help it. Love is in the air and muses just don’t care about timing. So, I sat by my trusted PC (no I still haven’t saved enough for Mac, thanks for asking :)) and this card just came out. Out of the blue. OK. The sky was grey but still.

Ladies and gentleman, let me present you today’s free download:

(zipped, 10.3Mb, 6×8 inches @300dpi – print ready)

Love Card, Design Template

So, if you are in love, or if you feel like you could fall in love any time now, or if you know someone who is in love, or … ok, enough now. What I wanted to say is, download this file, edit the text if you want (it’s in separate layer), play with it or use it as it is – send a love card.

Or just keep it, because, even if you are not in love right now, you just never know when will that love arrow hit you 🙂 Love might just be right behind the corner.

Also, as always, here is what is this card made of (apart from love):


Euphemia –

Photoshop brushes: Circled hearts, Photoshop brushes set (40+40)

Sweet Love - Valentines Photoshop Brushes Pack

Circled hearts, Photoshop brushes, total of 80 brushes: 40 brushes up to 1653px and 40 brushes up to 293px
– Compatible with Photoshop 7.0 up to CS5 and newer versions
– Compatible with Photoshop Elements 3.0 and newer versions
– Also compatible with PC/Mac


OK. So, warm up you loving hearts, I need you to be ready when Christmas comes to town!

So, you’re already here, so why not treat yourself? Step into the magical realm of Swirls and Circles Photoshop Brushes Set. A universe of artistic wonder awaits your exploration!



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