Free download: Photoshop kisses – brushes

Photoshop kiss brushes (free download is here)
Free Downloads Photoshop Brushes17 Comments on Free download: Photoshop kisses – brushes

Free download: Photoshop kisses – brushes

Hello everyone! 🙂

I’ve returned from the Alps to my home, brimming with ideas.

And today’s brushes are about kissing: Photoshop kisses brushes (set of 19) great Photoshop brushes set for your Valentine’s designs.

So, love each other and peace be with you. Enjoy the brush! (Just remember to praise me when you use it and make links to this blog :))

Photoshop kiss brushes (free download is here)
Photoshop kiss brushes


P.S. Since I still did not go visit dentist, the scary dentist brush will have to wait. 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Free download: Photoshop kisses – brushes

  1. wow i realy wish i could make brushes like this your are so great i can now use them on my photographs to add that little touch and its all thanks to you.


  2. Hi again.

    I joined with my email and website. The above link doesn’t work (and is crossed out).

    I went to the archive and it takes me back to this page…where there is no way to download the brushes!

    I’m using chrome as my browser. I’ll try Explorer and see if it works with that browser.

    Really, I’m not crazy!!


  3. And success!

    Here is the issue for the future. While I was getting the info from your support staff, the confirmation and other emails from the GREEN GANG went into my Spam folder.

    I placed it properly into my email, confirmed the link and then YUP, I got the page which corresponded to the screen shot you sent me.

    Thank you so much for your patience. I’ll be sure and include credit and a link on my site.

    Thanks again!

    P.S. Do I get a bonehead award?

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