Free Heart Graphic (and a great new imaginary device)

Download Heart Design Layered PSD File
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Free Heart Graphic (and a great new imaginary device)

This post is going to be somehow different. It will be about our heart (not just heart graphic), positive energy vibration and quantum physics. It is, basically, something I wrote into my diary, but then I decided to share it with you:

Now it’s clear. It is the emotional vibration that makes things happen. It’s not the thoughts, although the thoughts can help to generate that emotional vibration.

Tesla also said that. Energy supersedes matter.

However, the real issue is – how to get into that emotional state of positive energy, love and happiness when the goin’ gets tough?

For instance, how cool would it be if we had a device which we could just plug in to get rid of  of any negative emotions and get into the positive mode, so that we start emanating good vibrations and, as a consequence, start creating positive events in our 3D world as well.

A device. Fast solution. Many reach for narcotics to get closer to that emotional state, but narcotics are not doing it. It’s obvious. They are not working.

So, the device which will initiate positive vibrations from our body/mind/soul/consciousness/subconsciousness and put us in a mood of bliss.

Now, I am not talking about the device which will take energy from somewhere else and put it into us. We have the “ingredients for happiness” within ourselves already. I believe that it’s, probably, layers of energetic “dirt” what prevents this original, positive energy from coming out of us in difficult times.

So, as I said, the “ingredients” are already here, within us. It’s only a matter of putting them to work. This is what this device should do. It should pick up what’s already sitting there and put it to work.

Download Heart Design Layered PSD File

OK. So, the idea for the device is here. I know what should it do and someone should jump in and actually make it 🙂

In the meantime, I will do what I do, here is another print ready card which you can use for multiple purposes, or you could just download it and explore the layers to see how it’s done.

[Download Heart Design Layered PSD File] – zipped 12.3Mb, 8×8 inches @300 dpi – print ready!

Download Heart Design Layered PSD File]

Love you all, guys. And until someone comes up with a machine like that I guess will just have to rely on our own capacity to keep our spirits up no matter what.



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