Happy Halloween Watercolor Photoshop brushes and PNG files FREE

Happy Halloween Watercolor Photoshop brushes and PNG files FREE

Halloween Watercolour Photoshop Brushes Set [Edition 2015]

It’s been a while since I made Photoshop brushes. It’s been a long time actually. As a matter of fact I am even reluctant to go back to my blog and try to find out when was the last time I made free Photoshop brushes for my own blog. Let alone someone else’s.

OK. I never made brushes for someone else’s blog. Wouldn’t make much sense doing that.

Anyway, I made a brand new Photoshop brushes just in time for the 2015 Halloween and since they have this very popular watercolour effect, imagine, I named them:

Halloween Watercolour Photoshop Brushes Set

Happy Halloween Watercolor Photoshop brushes and PNG files FREE

So, we still have few days left to make Halloween related designs, banners, textiles, party invitations, slippers, I don’t know … videos, you name it, these are here to help you out. In your own personal or commercial projects it doesn’t matter, they are free and come with commercial license too.

I even made a video on how to use them. It is kind of a video representation of these brushes. I will try to do a video presentation of all my future brushes because I think it is cool to see them like this before downloading and installing.

So, the download contains 6 brushes, text and graphics are separated, so you can combine them any way you like.

Happy Halloween Watercolor Photoshop brushes FREE

PNG files are also included and resolution goes from 1200 to 1660 so it should fit most of your needs.

Download: 6 colored PNG files 🙂

Happy Halloween Watercolor PNG files FREE

Ok. I’m off to publish this now because there are only few days left until the Halloween.

That’s it folks! Download them, use them, have fun creating with them and if you are interested in seeing more of my brushes, big commercial packages of finely crafted shapes for your designs, I recommend visiting my shop.

And just one more last thing, even if I did slow down on creating and publishing free Photoshop brushes here on my blog, the legendary GBG eZine still lives so for some more free downloads visit GBG eZine October 2015 edition.

Now that’s really it. I am back after a while with this post but you can expect to hear more from me in the future. At least I promise I will try to become more regular in posting new stuff like I used to be.

Love you all,